It all started when...

about two years ago Rabbi David Minkus and Jonathan Posner wanted to do some high quality cooking in the kitchen at Rabbi Minkus's synagogue, Rodfei Zedek in Hyde Park. First came an intimate meal for the executive board, and then a terrific pop up restaurant last spring, called Aviv.

Aviv is a unique pop-up dining experience in a number of ways, chief among them that Aviv is the only Kosher for Passover restaurant option in the Chicago. The chefs fully embrace the culinary challenge of cooking without any chametz (fermented, leavened, or yeasted foods) in order to be even more creative in their cooking while also honoring the tradition of celebrating spring and Israelite liberation from Egypt. 

Looking to build on the success of Aviv, Wandering Foods is proud to bring you Asif, our new Sukkot pop up restaurant in partnership with Congregation Rodfei Zedek. Asif will be popping up inside Rodfei Zedek's sukkah to showcase the best of what the seasn offeres in connection to a holidy that's all about gathering in close, getting cozy, and reawakening our relationships to nature and the ground that grows our food. Come join us! 


Asif Dinner Reservation